Cor Contritum

Cor Contritum

Dramione Fanfiction

all characters belong to J.K. Rowling

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when hatred rule over you and the truth is revealed…


Main Cast: Kim Jun Myeon | Minor Cast: EXO | Genre: AU, Slight!Action, Angst | Length: 1500W++ | Rating: PG


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Sincere Lovable [part 2]

Hepie Bday again, Dira~ selamat menikmati part 2-nya and hepie bday too, Baekhyunnie ^^ #HappyDirBaekDay

Chamber of Fiction and Fantasy

sincere lovable


Sincere Lovable

by Cheverly Jin & Tsukiyamarisa

Byun Baek Hyun and You

Romance, Fluff, slight!Comedy | Ficlet | PG-15


Happy Bday kak Dira!!! Setelah kemarin dikasih part 1, kali ini part 2 spesial dari aku yaaa 🙂

Enjoy this one, and happy bday for Baekhyun too! o(^-^)o

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